Can you live in this container home

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Added by April 26, 2018

Perfect Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Shipping Container Home:

This is a container shipping house built by Backcountry Containers bring the perfect beauty.
Modern Farmhouse Shipping Container impressive house with beautiful roof dome
The interior of the house is fully furnished with gorgeous furnishings that bring modern luxury to the home

For more information about these tiny containers, you can contact Backcountry Containers:
Single Container Homes

A single container home typically starts around $65,000. Rooftop decks, porches, high-end appliances, and other finishes are additional and will increase costs.
Multiple Container Homes

Once more than one container is involved, the project becomes more complex. Our middle tier container homes typically cost between $100,000 and $200,000.
Luxury Custom Container Homes

Our luxury homes start around $200,000 and go up. The joining of multiple containers, rooftop decks, and other luxury finishes are usually found on these homes. Check me out

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