Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 10, 2018 – Sean Carroll

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We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Wednesday at 500 pm Pacific 800 pm Eastern You can watch us live on Universe Today or the Weekly Space Hangout YouTube page

Dr Sean Carroll is a blogger author and theoretical physicist at Caltech where he investigates dark matterdark energy modified gravity and multiple other topics in cosmology field theory and gravitation

In addition to having written several books most recently The Big Picture a hrefhttpswwwpreposterousuniversecombigpicturehttpswwwpreposterousuniversecombigpicturea Sean has recorded lecture courses for The Great Courses as well as producing many other online video and audio lectures

In 2004 Sean launched his blog a hrefhttpswwwpreposterousuniversecombloghttpswwwpreposterousuniversecombloga and in July 2018 announced his newest venture his Mindscape Podcast a hrefhttpswwwpreposterousuniversecompodcasthttpswwwpreposterousuniversecompodcasta

You can lean more about Sean on his webpage a hrefhttpswwwpreposterousuniversecomhttpswwwpreposterousuniversecoma

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