WEEK 1- WEDNESDAY WORKOUT | BodyBoss 2 Week Fitness Challenge

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Added by September 26, 2018


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Welcome back, boss babes! This is the 2nd workout of 6, and today’s workout will be focusing on arms and abs. Here is the rundown:

💪 8 Exercises, 1 Min Per Workout, 3 Circuits 💪
1️⃣ Reverse Burpees
2️⃣ Push Ups on Knees
3️⃣ Cross-Body Toe Touch Crunch
4️⃣ Forearm Spider Plank
5️⃣ Pulse Ups
6️⃣ Down Dog V Press
7️⃣ Ankle Taps
8️⃣ Plank Jacks

Make sure to tag us @bodybossmethod during your workouts to be featured- See you Friday for a special besties workout!
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24 mins a day, 3x a week is all it takes 💪🏼 BodyBoss is 12-week step-by-step Fitness and Nutrition programs that fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles.

Online + Print Edition now available http://www.bodyboss.com

Got any questions? Say hi at hello@bodyboss.com 🙂

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