Building my Dream Wood Shop

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Added by December 6, 2018

My friends and I restored a collapsing building on my farm and turned it into my dream woodworking shop. Watch as we do demolition, install new windows and doors, reframe collapsing areas, pull wire, insulate, drywall, mud, tape, paint, hung lights, wired plugs and finally, set up a functional shop. Lots of dreams came true in the building and outfitting of this space, lots of new friends were made, and it was this project that was the catalyst to going full time working for myself! Help Support this project and others! Find me elsewhere on the web:… Tiny Wood Stove… Lights: Paint:… Naketano Hoodie Carolina Logger Boots Safety Glasses Ergodyne Fingerless Gloves Moxie and Moss Women's Work Pants

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