Viral video of us being arrested

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Today, I struggle to find peace, reassurance or comfort that the America I live in is for the people, by the people and of the people. Stalked as if we were prey as we shopped and then ambushed by Frisco police, I stood handcuffed helplessly as my children, friend and myself were humilated and victimized based on an assumption that we had stolen merchandise. As the video demonstrates , no discretion or consideration was given as we were approached and demanded to surrender our bags , in the middle of the mall , to be searched. My 10 & 8 year sons, were searched as it was a "given" we had stole from Finishline. Thank GOD, I remembered "the talk" I was taught as a child, that being Black, I'm presumed guilty until proven innocent in America…something I never understood or felt applied to me until this. Our lives forever changed, my children's hurt and pain didn't and won't stop with the you're good to go now….#VIRAL "This video is exclusively managed by Caters Media Group. To use this video in a commercial player please contact"

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