Top 50 Military Fails

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Published on Nov 25, 2018
Funny fails in the military with soldiers who fail at gun shooting, grenade throwing, rocket launchers, mortars, army tanks and more!
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Top 50 military fails:
#1 Soldier in training doesn't fit through door opening.
#2 Israeli soldier kicks tire and falls on the floor.
#3 Soldier gets his beret shot off from soldier behind him. Luckily it was a blank round.
#4 US soldier tries to mount and ride a camel.
#5 Tank driver crashes into truck of its own platoon.
#6 South-African army faceplant fail at parade.
#7 Soldier throws smoke grenade at doorstep during marine training exercise.
#8 Military soldier falls while marching.
#9 Private, you're out of ammo.
#10 Female soldier climbs up wall and splits her pants. 
#11 Marine or soldier falls into water. 
#12 Soldier attempts to pull tank back on loading truck single-handedly.
#13 German army with mortar fail.
#14 Korean soldier kicks his squad mate in the nuts by accident.
#15 RPG failure.
#16 Battle tank in traffic make a turn at high speed and hits police car during its drift.
#17 General receives award and lets it slip out of his hand.
#18 Soldier trips and falls on grass field.
#19 Soldier in training fails at throwing smoke grenade through doorstep.
#20 Private soldier shooting fail for having magazine upside down in his chamber.
#21 Iranian Special Forces demonstration fail. Staged?
#22 Soldier falls off jeep.
#23 Greek soldiers marching in miniskirts fails.
#24 German army fail with a grenade.
#25 RPG fail.
#26 Soldier tries to repair vehicle and falls backwards.
#27 Soldier performs front flip and lands on his back.
#28 RPG fail.
#29 Tank loading onto truck tips over.
#30 .50 Caliber Machine Gun fail.
#31 Drill Sergeant, I dropped my grenade somewhere over there.
#32 Mortar fail.
#33 Soldier Cole McGuffin hurts himself after he demonstrates his gun.
#34 Two grenade throwing fails.
#35 Kuwait crew attempts tank drifting and flips over.
#36 Dog interferes with military parade.
#37 Torpedo launch fail.
#38 Soldier throwing grenade in his own pit at shooting range.
#39 Javelin anti-tank missile launch fail.
#40 Wall collapses when soldier peeks over it.
#41 Tank falls off platform at military parade in Kursk, Russia.
#42 Mortar launch fail.
#43 US soldier in Afghanistan falls off camel.
#44 Military truck towing fail.
#45 Two soldiers trip over edge of road and faceplant at the exact same time.
#46 Wall running soldier lands on his head.
#47 Soldier sprints, trips and falls.
#48 Soldier falls on the floor at marching exercise. 
#49 Taiwanese artillery shell recoil fail.
#50 Ukrainian soldier jump fail.

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