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Yamaha YAS-706 Musicast Sound-Bar – Unboxing

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Usually, soundbars are a great way to boost your TV’s audio performance without throwing down too much dough. Yamaha’s YAS-706, at nearly $1,000, requires a significantly larger investment than most sound bars, but in return your living room will become

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Smartwatch Powered by You! – MATRIX PowerWatch

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Smartwatch Powered by You! – MATRIX PowerWatch Now this is a smartwatch that I will get because it uses your body heat to keep it charged up. A smartwatch that will never die out or no need to bring

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Illegal Street Bike Stunt Compilation Motorcycle

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MOTO TIME Published on Jun 6, 2018 Funniest On Motorcycle Fails 2018 || illegal biker fails and wins Compilation by MOTO TIME. Bike and Motorcycle Fails Wins Compilation 2018.Here is Hilarius Wheelile Fails, More Funny Fails Motorcycle. Freestyle Road Bike

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