The Affordable EasytoUse Reliable Sawmill Youve Been Looking For The Frontier OS27

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Added by November 20, 2018

We heard your need for a real solution when it comes to affordable entry-level portable sawmills. Finally, here's what you’ve been looking for — A sawmill that offers powerful, reliable, and safe sawmilling to sawyers looking for an ultra-affordable answer to their wood processing needs. And you can trust Frontier's pedigree because it has been designed and developed by Norwood Sawmills, the world's leader in portable sawmill innovation with a quarter century' of experience focusing exclusively on engineering portable sawmills to be easier, faster and safer to use for woodworkers, farmers and resourceful people around the world. The Frontier OS27 is designed by Norwood using high standards of innovative engineering, and it’s built overseas to rigorous international safety standards. Our quality assurance team inspects all Frontier sawmills, and we back it up with our one-year warranty. Visit for more information.

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