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What is Mobile Marketing Tampa FL?

Text Marketing, also known as Mobile Marketing or SMS Marketing, is the ability to communicate to a specific group of people via text message to their cell phones. The most important thing to understand is that text marketing is permission-based, meaning messages are only sent to consumers who have specifically “opted-in” or requested regular communications from the sender. An example might be a restaurant that establishes a “VIP Club” by inviting their customers to text the word FOOD to 55469. When customers text the keyword “food” to the short code 55469, they are granting permission to the restaurant owner to communicate with them via text in the future. The customer can opt out of this subscription list at any time simply by replying with the word STOP or END.

Why Mobile Marketing Tampa FL?

92% of the U.S. population uses sms/ text messaging
Only 10% read or receive commercial emails
Only 42% use Facebook
Only 8% use Twitter

Mobile Marketing Works Tampa FL

97% of text messages are opened.
70% of consumers WANT offers by text.
15% admit to spending more with a brand based on mobile marketing they received.
33% acknowledge redeeming a mobile coupon within the past month!

Feature Rich Mobile Marketing Solution for Tampa Florida

Unlike any other mobile marketing
service on the market, TextAlertz offers
these features AT NO COST:

•Unlimited customer database
•FREE Mobile Web Site Builder w/ FREE hosting
•FREE QR Code Generator
•Web-Based Application accessible from Anywhere
•Detailed Reporting Options
•Built in Voting, Polling & Survey functions
•How-To Video Tutorials
•Unlimited Toll-Free Customer Service
•Social Media Integration
•Redeemable Coupon

If you would like to set up your own business text marketing account, simply click on the “Sign up ” button at the bottom of this page. You will be able to set up an account in less than 5 minutes, including your own exclusive keyword and 1,000 free text messages a month. Start growing your business today… Set-up your text marketing account by clicking below:


Mobile Marketing Tampa FL

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