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Youtuber Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet

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I hate this. I hate this more than most any story I’ve had to cover in the past year. Someone who gave themselves to people, and had so much more to offer, taken away in their prime at such a

9,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

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9 Million Already? You are all amazing! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you all here, thank you! The channel only just hit 8 million back in january, that’s absolutely insane to see such fast growth. I

Youtuber Ray William Johnson Sued?

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YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson was reportedly sued by ANOTHER video-showcasing website for using some of their clips in his videos in the previous years.

The Boyfriend Tag! | Mylifeaseva and WeeklyChris

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YouTubers Mylifeaseva and WeeklyChris make a classic YouTube challenge, the BOYFRIEND TAG.