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REVIVAL – Motivational Video

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One of my favorite quotes from the video… “I refuse to die an unlived life. If you die this very moment, what will die with you? What dreams? What ideas? What talents? What leadership potential? What greatness that you showed

Motivation Success Contagious Videos

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You will undoubtedly have dreams. Whether you dream of having the perfect house with the perfect car, or you dream of settling down to have a family, even if you dream of retiring by the time you’re 40, the one

Powers Of The Mind!

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We all the this magnificent power. I believe the key ingredients are belief and intense, laser-like concentration!

Law of Attraction – Best ever

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Law Of Attraction – The Law of Attraction and How to master it Look within change.. things around you.

Kelly Clarkson Performs “Piece by Piece” – AMERICAN IDOL

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Kelly’s emotions run as high as her vocals while performing her intimately personal song “Piece by Piece”.

How to Correct Your Mind to Get Out of a Funk

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Tony Robbins Depression : How to Correct Your Mind to Get Out of a Funk


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Mind Innovation aims to push average mind beyond its capabilities, the capabilities that are a illusion hiding the true ability of the greatness that lays within the mind of the individual. http://stockmarketapp.info/ (copy & paste in browser) Mind Innovation produces


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The weight was simply a metaphor for everything the extra pounds attributed to my life. 90 days ago I was 224 pounds. 224 pounds, unhappy, unhealthy and mentally unstable. If the outside of me didn’t look to appealing, you can

Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL

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Actually DEADPOOL was going to host back in the 90s, but then this happened. Thank god Tom Hanks was available that week.

Top 10 Sports Movie Speeches

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In a game of inches, every word counts. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com counts down our picks for the top 10 speeches in sports movies. Special thanks to our users “Margaret Rd”, “Mukhtaar Ashraf”, “Mattyhull1”, “barllt”, “Eric Olvera” and “CollinRiley” for submitting the