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Airbus Jetblue Sustainable Fuel Project

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Airbus is committed to support the global aviation targets and the three CO2 emissions goals, announcing in 2009. The use and development of sustainable fuel is a key pillar of Airbus’s strategy to help to meet these goals because sustainable

Walnut That Withstands | GE Additive Paradox

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From design to the final product, additive manufacturing is defying the expectations of what we can make. In fact, it’s almost paradoxical. Like a small, metal walnut that won’t crack under pressure. Subscribe to the GE Channel: http://invent.ge/1eGgvZK GE works

NaturPro — Dietary Supplement & Food Science Consultants For Natural Products

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We traveled around the world to study and deliver the most science-based natural products for healthy foods and dietary supplements. We offer innovation, product development, and regulatory compliance solutions rooted in sound science. Functional foods, beverages, powders and capsules are