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Kim Kardashian West Is Interviewed By Jennifer Lawrence

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Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner, Kim’s secret hacking abilities, her craziest ex-boyfriend, which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first, the

Kris Jenner Talks Kanye West

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Kris Jenner Talks Kanye West Kris talked to Ellen about how her son-in-law is all a-Twitter.

Kyle Mooney goes up agains Kanye West to a rap battle

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Kyle Mooney goes up against Kanye West in rap battle in a bid to return to his hip-hop roots. Seems Kanye is getting a lot of mixed reviews about his rapping talent these days…

Top 10 Awkward Moments in Live TV

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Top 10 Awkward Moments in Live TV Must watch. For more please submit your email so we can send you exciting viral videos and free ebooks and softwares worth over $40 each for free! Top 10 Awkward Moments in Live

Biggest SNL Ever Melissa McCarthy And Kanye!

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Melissa McCarthy is hosting a brand new SNL with Kanye West as the musical guest. Biggest SNL Ever with Melissa McCarthy and Kanye!

Ebro Meets w/ Kanye, Listens To His New Album T.L.O.P. and Shares His Thoughts

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Earlier this week, Kanye West announced yet another album title change and challenged fans to guess its name after tweeting out the secret title, T.L.O.P. With the project’s release right around the corner, West decided to reveal the album title,