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TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS Are you ready for traveling? It’s almost summer and we prepared a ton of hacks to solve all the problems travelers have! Most the travelers face packing problems as you need to pack as much as possible

Escape to Britain as Brexit looms Focus on Europe

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A young Iraqi refugee who risked his life to cross to Britain from Calais before the first Brexit deadline tells his story. He was looking for better opportunities to build a new life, but found a deeply divided country. For

Airbus Jetblue Sustainable Fuel Project

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Airbus is committed to support the global aviation targets and the three CO2 emissions goals, announcing in 2009. The use and development of sustainable fuel is a key pillar of Airbus’s strategy to help to meet these goals because sustainable

The Rise of 20 HourLong Flights

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Tucson Hot Air Balloon – Preparation, Take Off and Flight

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Follow Me on Instagram a hrefhttpinstagramcompraveenEThttpinstagramcompraveenETa Twitter a hrefhttpstwittercomPraveenMohanEThttpstwittercomPraveenMohanETa Facebooka hrefhttpswwwfacebookcompraveenmohanhttpswwwfacebookcompraveenmohana Website a hrefhttpwwwphenomenalplacecomhttpwwwphenomenalplacecoma Tucson Hot air balloon ride takes you on an hour long flight over the Sonoran Desert Tucson Mountains Saguaro National Park West and the agricultural expanse

Time-lapse painting of our first Airbus A320neo – Scoot

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Lets get the party started Scoot proudly presents its first Airbus A320neo Watch this timelapse video to see how our newest A320bae in the family Chapati Party was dressed up before heading home to Singapore Subscribe to ScooTube the home

Drone Hunting Battle

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Fully Loaded Quadcopter Achieves 20 m/s Flight

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DARPA’s Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) program recently demonstrated that a commercial quadcopter platform could achieve 20-meters-per-second flight while carrying a full load of sensors and cameras. The FLA program aims to develop and test algorithms that could reduce the amount