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My Food Addiction: Before and After Weight Loss

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Hey, Folks! In this video, I discuss what my food addiction looked like as an obese person and how I still struggle with food and binges. Hope you enjoy! My Weight Loss Story in Pics: https://youtu.be/c6rwCfiCcBY How to Find Motivation:

Ever Have a day Like This?

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Ever Have a day like this? Once in awhile is ok but if this is you all the time let’s fix it! Take a 60 second quiz to find out what is keeping you down! http://davidwevanslive.com/ThoughtElevatorFB

Self Help Book for Anxiety, stress and others

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Suffer from anxiety, stress or depression. This is a really good video

What Having Anxiety Feels Like

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We all suffer from anxiety but what if its sever?

Effects of Stress

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We all suffer stress, so what are its effects on us?

Managing Stress – Brainsmart – BBC

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We all suffer stress, but what happens when you have too much stress?

5 red flags of Depression

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Feeling depressed… want to find out whats the difference between general depression and when it is worse.

Targeting Sufferers of Depression

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Who does not suffer from depression at some time or the other, what if you could find something that could really help you…

Help Yourself Book

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We all suffer from anxieties, stress and even depression at times. This video has a book like you have not seen before.


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If you have ever felt like you are depressed, or suffering from depression as we all have at one time or the other, you should have a look at this video….