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Wow didn’t see that one coming..this guy can dance!!!

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There is something to be said about judging a book by it’s cover. This guy is the Bomb!

The best Live Performance you will ever see !!

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You would not believe this incredible dance routine!! This will truly mesmerize you.

Toddlerogrophy w/ Jenna Dewan Tatum

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James Corden Show Skit. Dance classes taught by toddlers.

Star Wars Meets Zumba

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Star wars fans whip up a zumba routine to get the crowd going great piece of entertainment

Uptown Funk Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Watch as famous stars from old movies break it down to this popular Bruno Mars song. This video contains dozens of dance scenes from the Golden Age of cinema perfectly synchronized to Uptown Funk. This had to take some very

Health and Fitness Topics

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I love this new song, “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake! I had to do a twerk freestyle and give a shoutout to my boy, Diplo! Hope you guys like this one!!

Dance in Zero Gravity

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Dance in Zero Gravity by OK Go

Dance Fails

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We’ve collected all the funniest, strangest and sloppiest dance fails we have and compiled them together for ya. Take a look, let us know your thoughts

Epic shuffle circle at Dash Berlin

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The shuffling zone was in attendance and in full force at Dash Berlin and this video sums up the awesome time had by all

What Room Does Fear Have

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We are incredibly proud of these amazing dancers; their strength, talents, joy, time, spirit, heart and translation thru art. Here is a video of their moving performance from Friday night. We hope you always remember thru life the question: What