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​Awesome Christmas hacks ​Its only 3 days until Christmas and we are looking forward to sharing with you some more amazing Christmas hacks that will help you, even more, this magical period. We have awesome decorating hacks, and many more

11 Simple and Creative Christmas Recipes And More Christmas Treat ideas

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People are getting into the Christmas spirit and we’re here to stuff your belly with dozens of creative Christmas recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth! Learn numerous ways how to decorate your treats and turn them into edible snowmen, penguins,


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LAST-MINUTE CHRISTMAS TREATS Do you know why I love Christmas so much? Festive atmosphere, magical decorations and ornaments and most of all gifts! It’s the time when dreams come true😊 Moreover, I have a special tradition I love to practice

26 Million Christmas Tree Made of Gold Said to Be Europes Most Expensive

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Bling, bling! German gold dealer Pro Aurum is calling its Christmas tree, made of 2,018 gold coins, Europe's most expensive one. The tree's star is an even larger gold coin.  According to the dealers it's valued at $2.6 million. Even

I Won a 100 Bet Over a Christmas Tree Vlogmas Ep 1

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Hey guys! I'M DOING VLOGMAS FOR THE FIRST TIME! I bet my mom $1000 that Home Goods has Christmas trees! Guess who won! Look for a new Vlogmas video every other day right up to Christmas! NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY