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26 Million Christmas Tree Made of Gold Said to Be Europes Most Expensive

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Bling, bling! German gold dealer Pro Aurum is calling its Christmas tree, made of 2,018 gold coins, Europe's most expensive one. The tree's star is an even larger gold coin.  According to the dealers it's valued at $2.6 million. Even

The Voice Worldwide 2018 Best Blind Auditions HD

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The best blind auditions, by far, on The Voice Worldwide 2018. 1. Trinity – Say My Name (The Voice Bulgaria Season 5) 2. Erin Whetters – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (The Voice Australia Season 7) 3.

DIY~Use Your Glitter Paper Scraps To Make Beautiful Christmas Tags!

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Hi Everyone, ALL links and patterns that I mention in my videos will now be on my blog. I also have a search bar on my blog that will help you. Don’t forget to join my Facebook group, as we