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Youtuber Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet

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I hate this. I hate this more than most any story I’ve had to cover in the past year. Someone who gave themselves to people, and had so much more to offer, taken away in their prime at such a

The Voice Singer Christina Grimmie’s Last Performance Before Being Shot

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The Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie shot, critically injured Singer Christina Grimmie who starred on the US version of The Voice is in critical condition after being shot at a concert venue in Florida by a man who then fatally shot

Kelly Clarkson Performs “Piece by Piece”

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Kelly’s emotions run as high as her vocals while performing her intimately personal song “Piece by Piece”.

Clark Beckham “The Trouble with Love Is“ American Idol 2015 Top 8

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THE BEST AMERICAN IDOL PERFORMANCE EVER. No Way he didn’t win. He probably wouldn’t play by their rules. You gotta see JLo’s (Jennifer Lopez)reaction. She can hardly contain herself.

“Susan Boyle,” Britain’s Got Talent, 2009

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The unprepossessing-looking Susan Boyle, placed on national (and international) television and expected to bomb, instead delivers a flawless version of Les Miserables’ “I Dreamed A Dream” and makes the hair on everybody’s neck stand up.