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#minecraft #familyfriendly #mineplex

Surprise stream! WOOO! Come join!! /server GamerJazz-1

Shout out to my moderators for moderating!
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
IP: us.mineplex.com
My Discord: https://discord.gg/3QFDfvw
AuditionMe: https://auditionme.co/profile/GamerJazz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamerJazz5
Streaming software: OBS
Thumbnail Maker: Me
1. Always be kind to others.
2. THE CHAT IS FAMILY FRIENDLY! Please no swearing/inappropriate conversations.
3. No hurtful or bitter arguments will be allowed.
4. Spamming caps, emojis, symbols etc, is not allowed.
5. Never EVER give out yours, or someone else’s personal information.
6. Please do not bypass punishments with alternate accounts.
7. Please do not advertise/send links.
9. No politics/please speak English.
10. If a staff member is handling something, please do not interfere. Moderators decisions are final. Please do not argue with Staff.
11. No asking for mod, because you will not get it.
About me:
My name is Jazz. I am a weird, funny, and down-to-earth teenager who creates family friendly Minecraft videos. I started this channel so I could have a blast playing a game I love and make you laugh in the process. I only play Minecraft on my channel, but maybe in the future I will play more games. With no cursing, my channel is 100% family friendly and is safe for kids to watch.

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