Stop Compromising Quality: Setting Automation Up for Success

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Added by July 29, 2018

Learn how to set up your test automation for success with Angie Jones, Bria Grangard, and Joan Liu.

6:30 – 7:00 — Which Tests Should I Automate, Angie Jones, Twitter
7:00 – 7:30 — Supercharge Your Testing and Start Automating, Bria Grangard and Joan Liu, SmartBear

About the Talks:
Which Tests Should I Automate
More and more teams are coming to the realization that automating every single test may not be the best approach. However, it’s often difficult to determine which tests should be automated and which ones are not worth it.

When asked “which tests should we automate?”, my answer is always “it depends”. Several factors should be considered when deciding on which tests to automate and many times that decision is contextual.

Join this interactive session where we will explore features and associated tests then discuss whether the tests should be automated or not considering the factors and context provided.

• Identification of the key factors to consider when deciding which tests to automate
• How to gather the data needed to make these decisions
• A formula that can be applied to any test to determine if it should be automated or not

Supercharge your Testing and Start Automating
Is your team constantly feeling pressure to deliver software faster without compromising quality? As your test automation process ramps up, your testing efforts and resources can lag behind due to speed and scalability issues. Incorporating a test automation platform can cut your testing time in half by leveraging cloud capabilities of testing multiple devices and browsers at one time and fixing bugs as fast as you find them. Bria Grangard and Joan Liu will walk through the steps to alleviate frustrations by identifying key bottlenecks in your testing process so you won’t have to compromise speed or quality. You’ll experience real-world testing across multiple environments, techniques that can help easily speed up your testing efforts, and strategies to enable parallel testing for both manual and automated testing processes. You’ll leave with a checklist of action items to start or supercharge automation testing in your organization.

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