seventeen funny/meme moments i think about a lot

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Added by March 26, 2018

this vid is inspired by myvmins so go check out their channel!! ( )

Hi everyone! I’ve seen a lot of people do videos like these and this gave me an idea that i think about seventeen funny/meme moment of 23 hours a day why dont i make one of these.

By the way, i can’t put v/l/i/v/e/ scene in my vid. I don’t want to copyright strike in my channel!

Thanks for watching. in case if you need any of the video source, say the minute mark and I’ll do my best to reply you!

OUTRO: Thinkin’ About You – Seventeen

fancam that i used:
2:14 , 5:59 : (fancam by 2?? ?? sunlight_DK)

the q&a vid will be out as soon as possible!!

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Twitter: @BooNon_98
Carat Amino: BooNon_98

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