Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke

Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke

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Out for a drive, James Corden spots Chris Martin looking for a ride to San Francisco to perform with Coldplay in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

Talk Show Throwdowns: WWE Top 10

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WE’s talk shows are no stranger to controversy, especially when a Superstar war of words begins to escalate. Revisit these 10 shocking moments when things grew a bit too tense between the WWE host and his grappling guests.


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MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME?! – Would You Rather She didnt really.. but did she? No, she didnt… honestly!


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Jesse and the crew make some final adjustments to the house before move-in time.

This is a test

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This is a test

Car Pool Karaoke

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wow this dude seriously cannot sing, you’ll never believe how bad it is.

Top 10 Cutest Pitbull Puppies Of All Time

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OMG! They are so freakin’ cute! What the heck! Number 7 had me like wow!

7 things people always get wrong

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You wont believe this 7 things, did you get any of them wrong? I bet you did.

JAW DROPPING Car Pranks Are Ridiculous

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Best Car Pranks of 2015 Compilation! Enjoy Subscribe to YesBuzzYes for the Best Prank Videos!

Warm Memories

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One of the best dee house mixes you will ever hear. Throw this bad boy on while you are working and enter the zone.