The monkeys naturally want to hug and pet them. Much like humans

The monkeys naturally want to hug and pet them. Much like humans

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The monkeys naturally want to hug and pet them. Much like humans…  Responder.

Lion saves a baby calf from another lion attack

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Doubtful that those were fathers to the rescue, and a one month old will still die without breast milk, of starvation which is a hard slow death. Lioness did not do this baby baboon any favors.

Incredible leopard and baby baboon interaction

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An iconic scene from Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s film Eye of the Leopard where a curious Legedema discovers a newborn baby baboon that brings out a different response to the one you’d expect.

Wrinkles suck

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Plant-based oils like coconut oil have been hailed for their health-enhancing properties. They’ve been found useful for enhancing physical beauty as well, especially virgin coconut oil. Its not just for popcorn.

lady gaga

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the best rendition of the national anthem ever

Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs

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Orangutans and tiger cubs…what could go better? Orangutans’ arms are well suited to their lifestyle because they spend much of their time (some 90 percent) in the trees of their tropical rain forest home. So what could possibly bring these

LOVE WITH FOOD!! With my Boyz

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LOVE WITH FOOD!! With my Boyz

Tiger cub playing with a house cat!

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THIS FOOTAGE WAS TAKEN AT AN ANIMAL RESERVE. NEITHER ANIMAL WAS HARMED. The tiger cub and house cat live together and from what I was told play together on a regular basis. Just so you know, the house cat can


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How to Get Rich – from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of my favorite books about money. It made me lose the poor employee mindset and I definitely recommend reading it to