Mean Tweets from February 15

Mean Tweets from February 15

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From time to time we highlight some of the nasty things people post about famous people by asking those famous people to read them aloud. This is #MeanTweets Music Edition #3 featuring Meghan Trainor, Ricky Martin, James Taylor, Little Big

Making Out In A Mall?

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I guess you would have to form your own opinion

Funny Man Laughing

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An oldie but a goody. This never gets old, no matter how many times you watch, it’ll always make you laugh… Guaranteed!

Tasting Weird Oreo Flavors

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How to tast different Oreo cookies and their flavors. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon’s AWESOME 2016 Slam Dunk Duel

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Take a look back at one of the best dunk contests in the history of All-Star Weekend between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon!

Brain Freeze Challenge with MyLifeAsEva!

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Brain Freeze Challenge with MyLifeAsEva! Can you do this. I have in a spa in a cold pool…

7 Simple Magic Tricks With Household Items

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These are some simple to do Magic Tricks that I have used for years now. I am finally ready to pass them on to you to try and WIN BIG!!!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (HBO)

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Every American deserves an equal vote. But in some states, access to voting is becoming less and less equal.

‘Approaching Farewell’ (Melodic Dubstep Mix)

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So almost a year after ‘Colourful Emotions’ Tolerance delivers another stunning mix. Tracks chosen by myself and mixed by him. Massive love to all the artists featured in this mix. Enjoy and share with your friends and granny 🙂

Star Wars Robe Vanish Prank

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This guy doing magic prank in Hollywood. Playing a master Jedi from Star Wars. He is just vanishing out of thin air in front of astonished tourist and unsuspecting passer by.