El Chapo: CEO of Crime

El Chapo: CEO of Crime

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El Chapo: CEO of Crime documentary presents a riveting look at the life of the world’s most powerful drug trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. More powerful than Pablo Escobar ever was, and more elusive, this documentary takes viewers behind the

The Truth Behind Serbia’s Notorious Witchcraft Subculture

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In Serbia, Vlach magic – the spiritual rituals of the Vlach people – has been linked to mass killings and crimes of passion by the Serbian media. Galeb Nikacevic went to some of the most remote villages in Eastern Serbia


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Funny videos, vines, fails, memes, and interviews in this hilarious news blooper video. Laugh and smile as reporters fail.

Jeremy’s Most Intelligent Guest Ever | The Jeremy Kyle Show

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Jeremy has his work cut out when he meets a bright spark here for lie detector results.

Best Fails of the Month

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Check out the funniest fails, videos, on the internet. These will make you laugh all day !

A Trip to Unicorn Island

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Thank you so much for allowing me to make one of my biggest dreams come true. Not just a 30 city world tour to connect with you face-to-face and share my truth and our journey and fight for happiness, but

Paul McCartney DENIED at Grammy Party

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Paul McCartney denied access to Grammy after party…TWICE! Unbelievable video of a living legend being told he can’t enter the party!

Boyfriend’s REVENGE – Crazy Bath Hair Loss Prank on Girlfriend

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Boyfriend’s REVENGE – Crazy Bath Hair Loss Prank on Girlfriend ViralBrothers

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GAME OF THRONES PRANK – Real Life Lannisters

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There are a lot of ways a Game of Thrones prank could have gone, so we decided to go the social experiment angle, make Game of Thrones In Real Life, and see what it’d be like to actually live with