Hippo gets explosive diarrhea.

Boiling Frog Experiment

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Gator Oil is the new product that is being used to help people heal their skin conditions faster including Eczema, Psoriasis and Diaper Rashes. Scientists in the USA and Australia were amazed how these prehistoric reptiles were able to survive

“FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

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The potential Republican candidates weigh in on a variety of issues.

Old School Football

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Hilarious! Former professional football player Art Donovan shares with Johnny Carson what playing old school football was like.

What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater? | Video

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When you crack an egg underwater the water pressure assumes the role of the eggshell, exerting an inward force that keeps the egg yolk and whites intact.

Egg in Coca Cola for 1 Year – Experiment

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This is what really happens if you put an Egg in Coca Cola for 1 year. I was very surprised by the results. Please, no mean comments, +I know you don’t keep Coca Cola in your mouth for a year,

iPhone 5 + Coca-Cola = Awesomeness!

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It’s not a drop test, it’s not a hammer test, it’s not a water damage test, it’s a Coca Cola test on the new iPhone 5! Enjoy!

What Happens If You Drill an iPhone 6?

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The iPhone 6 Drill Test is here! Although not condoned, if you ever decide to try this yourself you should expect similar results.

What Happens If You Taser an iPhone 6 Plus?

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I decided to electrocute an iPhone 6 Plus. See for yourself what happens to the phone. Buy this Taser!

What Happens If You Pour Gallium on an iPhone 6?

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The iPhone 6 has an aluminum body and gallium loves aluminum. So what happens when this liquid gets in contact with the device?