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Added by July 12, 2018

It was time for my yearly fitness transformation check-in. The first year I just showed you my crazy changes through kickboxing, a sugar detox, a diet of the same breakfast every morning, limes, calories, juicing, giving up dairy and more. The second year I talked about my mental adjustments that helped me feel better, not just look better. This year I’m just ranting about how crappy people are in the comments. Body shaming is rampant so I’m going off about it. I hope you find it entertaining.

I’m just realizing I didn’t mention my ab workout secrets once. Lucky you, I have a video where I rant about ab workouts, too, so go find that. Want to lose weight fast? I dunno maybe don’t watch this.

My 2nd Fitness Transformation video?
My 1st Fitness Transformation video?

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