Mous iPhone Cases The Story of Limitless Using Airo Shock Protection

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Introducing Limitless, by Mous. The stylish, slim protective iPhone case.
Watch as James & James take you on their journey on how the Mous Limitless iPhone case can survive many drops. What’s the best way to demonstrate this? Obviously, a 45 feet drop off a crane.
The Mous Limitless Phone Case has an Airo Shock protection which contains micro air pockets that absorb the impact. The cases available have been built with Walnut, Bamboo, White Marble, Black Marble, Kevlar, Matt Grey & Black Leather. All Limitless cases come with a steel plate built in and with a free magnetic wall mount. There’s also no need to Upgrade the Mous phone case as it fits both, the iPhone 6 & 7.
The Mous Limitless iPhone case will is shipping with express shipping worldwide. !

a single scratch on your iPhone!
In this Video, James is dropping his new iPhone 7 in a Mous Limitless Phone Case from the scary height of 45 feet. Guess what? After the drop his iPhone still looks like it did before. Limitless is the newest range of iPhone Cases by Mous. All cases are made from real, authentic materials like bamboo wood, black marble and kevlar carbon fibre.
We at Mous, found that slim phone cases weren’t that protective, and protective phone cases were ugly, so we designed a lot of phone cases. Carbon fibre ones, metal phone cases, curved ones, phone cases made of leather. You name it, we designed it! At Mous, we tested the cases on real iPhones. Some survived. Some didn’t. It got expensive but in the end. WE DID IT!
Introducing Limitless, by Mous, a slim phone case with serious engineering, that hasn’t compromised on looks.
While testing our Limitless Phone Case on landmarks within London like the Waterloo Bridge, the iPhone and case survive a 35ft drop with not even a scratch. How? Because we at Mous have engineered an advanced impact material called Airoshock. It’s inside all our phone cases. This unique polymer contains thousands of micro air pockets, that absorb the impact. The same thing happens in our Limitless phone cases. All our cases are seriously protective, so protective, we’ve dropped it from a crane onto concrete from 45 feet.
All Mous Limitless cases have a steel plate built into the back and they come with a free magnetic wall mount for backers. They fit both the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and 8 so you don’t have to upgrade your Mous Limitless phone case.
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