Most Expensive Cars Comparison (+ Planes & Yachts)

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Animated comparison of some of the most expensive cars from each brand most expensive planes most expensive yachts most expensive ships military vehicles and even spacecrafts in the world And how big is the stacks of money you will need to buy that From the cheapest Tata Nano to the most expensive production car of several brands to expensive supercars such as Lamborghini Veneno Ferrari FXX K Maybach Exelero Were not even done Next comes auctioned cars that fetch way more than production cars along the way we past by small jets yachts tanks and even helicopters Eventually we compare the prices costs of the most expensive cruise ships planes destroyers aircraft carriers super yachts submarines and a lot more All the way to the USS Gerald Ford Super Carrier at 128 billion USD and even beyond that

1 Inflation not taken into account unless stated
2 Figures listed here can either be price or cost to build
3 Production car refers to cars released for the general market and not auctioned off nor oneoff special production or modification

PS Yes we are aware in the mistake for the Mclaren F1 LM spec picture as well as the Rolls Royce Sweptail Picture Its our fault and we will do our best to minimize any errors in the future Thanks to all for spotting and to help reduce uncertainties

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