More Must Haves for Your Emergency Medical Kit: Off Grid Doc Rx #4 | Dr Jay Nielsen MD (ENCORE)

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Added by August 9, 2018

This is an ENCORE Presentation of one of our classic interviews for the benefit of our recent subscribers. Enjoy! – DK
Expert off-grid medical doctor and founder of a thriving survival compound, Dr. Jay Nielsen MD, joins us in this Episode #4 to explain further how you can assemble the essential family medical emergency supplies you must obtain to keep your family safe in an extreme situation. Going far beyond ordinary first aid supplies, Dr. Nielsen elaborates on:

– The most effective topical antibiotic for wound management.
– How to make bulk meds for pennies on the dollar vs. over-the-counter.
– How to partner with your family doctor and pharmacist to stock up on 5 years of your personal survival meds!
– How to protect your survival medicines to prolong their shelf-life.

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