Minecraft Bedrock Edition A Bazaar Adventure Pun Intended Playing with Mods and Sponsors

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Added by May 22, 2019

Minecraft Bedrock Edition returns as we continue to build our Realm! Minecraft Bedrock Edition is available to Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, XBox One, and Mobile players! Today, we're continuing with progress on our village and will also start working on building a Bazaar in the center of the town that will be full of hustle, bustle, and activity. We'll be transferring villagers there for trading, and also beautifying the outskirts. Will we finally fix the gate/wall? Once again, we are being joined by Aderan Gaming as well as Mods and Sponsors of the Communities! Due to griefing and trolling issues as well as by request from viewers, we are continuing to keep the Realm only open to Mods and Sponsors as we want to ensure a balance of both fun and responsibility. That said, this is a multi-cam Minecraft stream, so if you'd like to view a different perspective, then feel free to join Aderan Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT58UDTqAw8&feature=youtu.be Click the link above to catch his perspective and show him some love as well! That said, today is all about being creative and having fun in Minecraft, so if that's your cup of tea, hop on down, say hello, and enjoy! #Minecraft #BedrockEdition #NintendoSwitch ***Keep Things Family Friendly In The Chat*** **No Foul Language** **No Harassing Other Viewers** **No Self Promotion** Come and join our wonderful family-friendly community and feel free to say "hello" in the chat! Like what you see? Show it! Leave a like and don't forget to subscribe! If you'd like to help out the channel further, consider sponsoring! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUvYAvcmuwOsGqzvg869SA/join Just click on this link and hit the "Join" button! It's $4.99 per month and goes a long way! PLUS, you get some fantastic perks such as access to emojis, Discord perks, off-stream gaming opportunities, and a $20 gift card giveaway for every +5 sponsors! If you are unable to donate via Super Chat, you can also show support by donating here: https://streamlabs.com/thatbaldgamer We also have merch now! Show you're support and love for That Bald Gamer by rocking some shirts…or something! 😛 https://teespring.com/stores/that-bald-gamers-merch-shop Yet, above all else, thank you so much for your time and for watching! it truly means the world to me!

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