MEXICAN SLIME SHOP REVIEW! Underrated Instagram Slime Shop Review! Slime Package Unboxing

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Added by March 26, 2018

I reviewed some super cool Mexican themed slime! IM IN LOVE!!!

Slime Shop: Slime Vida

Slime Vida IG: slime_vidaa

Shop Slime Vida:

Slim Kit Reviews:
Mariale Marrero

Miss O and Friends

TodayWithTray (Tray, Keshia, and Family)

Shibley Smiles (Colleen Shibley)

Slyfox Family (Andrew, Hannah and family)

Our Family Nest (Candi, Karli, and Family)

Parenting In Progress (Bethany)

Lushaflor (Emily and Levi)

The Denver Housewife (Jamie)


NerdECrafter (Jackie)

Southern Mommas (Lauren)

Annie Rose

Lucky Penny Shop

Scott and Camber

Clarks Condensed (Katie)

24/7 MOMS

From Moms To Grandma (Gladys)

Rage Against The Minivan (Kristen Howerton)

Mommy Katie

B2cuteCupcakes (Bee and Bee’s Mom)

Magic Box Toys Collector

The Toy Reviewer (Brittany)

Tiffany Reviews

The Life Of Us Vlogs
Evie’s Toy House

A Life In The Fashion Lane (Alexa Curtis)

Michelle’s Comments

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ASMR Power of Sound (Matt)

Toys Unlimited

Fizzy Toy Show

Emma Monden

Kelli Maple

Brianna Renee

Pstoyreviews (Paul and Shannon)

Eh Bee Family

Sophia Pruett

@TargetLife (Julie and Family)


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Thanks for watching! I LOVE YOU!

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