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Mexico city has some of the BEST street food in the world! Mexican street food is something you need to travel here for to taste! It’s Street TACO HEAVEN! The street food in Mexico is insanely delicious, with tons of local Mexican street food recipes to taste on every street corner! Myself (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) and my wife Ting Ting flew in to Mexico city to eat as much delicious street food as we could, and found tacos covered in salsa and tons of hot spicy dishes to eat on every street corner!
If you love street food videos and street food vlogs, this street food compilation is going to make you hungry for more! You can travel here with us through this travel vlog and discover 7 amazing street foods of Mexico city.

To start the day, we went for a Mexican breakfast, found on the street corner.
Here, we tried the tamales, a corn flour stuffed with chicken and a green salsa verde. It was spicy and heavenly!

After this, we went for more Mexican street food, and ate the Carnitas. They were stuffed with pork belly and organs and you can cover them in lime and lots of nice spicy salsa, very delicious! The street stands all throughout Mexico city are amazing!!

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