Main Battle Tanks By Generation Size Comparison 3D

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Added by May 13, 2019

Which one is your favourite ? State your favourite MBT in the comment section. MBT Main Battle Tanks By Generation Featuring First generation Centurion T-54 M47 Patton M48 Patton T-55 Type 61 Second generation T-62 M60 Patton Leopard 1 Panzer 61 MBT-70 T-64 AMX 30 FV 4201 Chieftain Vickers MBT Stridsvagn 103 Panzer 68 T-72 Type 74 Merkava Mark I Type 88 CM-12 Type 96 Al-Zarrar Third generation T-80 Leopard 2 MBT-80 M1 Abrams FV4030/4 Challenger 1 AMX-40 M-84 Merkava Mark III Type 90 KyÅ«-maru AMX Leclerc Zulfiqar I/II/III T-90 PT-91 Twardy C1 Ariete Stridsvagn 122 FV4034 Challenger 2 T-84 K1A1 Arjun MBT Type 99 Merkava Mark IV Third generation advanced Merkava Mk IVm Windbreaker T-90MS Type 10 Arjun MBT MK 2 K2 Black Panther Leopard 2A7+ VT-4 Type 99A2 Fourth Generation ???? Like, Share and Subscribe to AmazingViz Help me grow this channel Music Music provided by No Copyright Music:… Music used: Raid by Ender Güney EpicMusic Music used: End This by Evan King… Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0… 3D Models Own creations 3D Warehouse ( Awesome ) Modified and textured Software Google Sketchup ( Best intuitive 3D software )

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