Lilly Singh Female Money Controversy Cohen AMI Theresa May Brexit What People Are Binging

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WEDNESDAY! I'm here to remind you that not everyone is going to agree on everything, and that's why starting a convo is so important… Want to support what we’re making?: Check out yesterday’s video: Why You Should Care About Madison v. Alabama: Have you seen the latest Bonus Video?: ———————————— Follow Me On: ———————————— TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ———————————— Today in Awesome: ———————————— Kids Try Avocado Toast: How Emily Dickinson Writes A Poem: Can You Feel It? J.Lo & Milo Ventimiglia: Captive State Trailer: Escape Room – Resolution: The Dangerous Effect of the Hyper Focus Drug: Red Bull Rooftop Skiing in France: Google – Year in Search 2018: Last Youtuber To Leave Circle Wins $100,000: Secret Link: ———————————— Important Links/Sources: ———————————— Lilly Singh and the YouTube Pay Gap: End of the Year Stats on Your Favorite Sites: Michael Cohen Sentenced: AMI Deal Reached: Brexit Update: ———————————— Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg Produced by: Amanda Morones Art Director: Brian Borst Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Neena Pesqueda, Cecelia Applegate ———————————— #DeFranco #LillySingh #Brexit ————————————

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