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This is videoessay to FITE 2018 Cultural Heritage is Our Past and Our Future

Traditional Spatial and Architecture have been the identity of Penglipuran Village in the eyes of the world since its establishment in the 18th century Its hard to imagine how Penglipuran Village left a legacy that has been preserved from one generation to the next generation Moreover Cultural Heritage that owned by Penglipuran Village has managed to attract tourists and bring economic impact to the local community Keeping the ancestral cultural heritage is also accordance why this village called Penglipuran ie as Pengeling Pura or to remember the ancestors Maintaining Cultural Heritage is a wise move for future generations to know and understand how their ancestors lived in the past and to become an identity that will distinguish Penglipuran Village from other places around the world in the future
Thankyou for Watching my thoughts and keep maintain our cultural heritage in our past and for our future

Special thanks to I Wayan Supat I Nengah Moneng Gede Rico Astina Sandi Artha Putra who helped me and contributed to this video

Uplifting Corporate by Morning Light Music
No Slope by Freedom Trail Studio

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