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Published on Feb 7, 2016

When you drive a Jeep® 4×4, freedom and adventure become a way of life. Ride along as Morgan Dorr provides the soundtrack for those who live by a different code. For today, tomorrow, forever.

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Joe Leary
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Robert R. “YellowJKT” Woolridge 23 hours ago
This commercial speaks to me so much. Such a powerful carpe diem call to action. Well done jeep.
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Xane Vic 1 day ago
A full-length version of that song has to be released.
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martha dorr 7 hours ago
+Allyn Dorr Hi cousin, great to hear that!

xXPlaylists420GoodShetXx 2 hours ago
+Allyn Dorr I actually can’t wait now….

The walphin 22 hours ago
I like the look of the old military jeeps I would love to get of those
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Luke Obenhaus 8 hours ago
+Julien Prégent yea the old military Jeep in the video is a Ford GPW. You can tell the Ford from the Willys apart by the slats in the grill. Ford actually came up with the design and made it with 9 slats. While Willys followed with 7 so not to step on copyright infringement. Since Willys had the main military contract it got to keep all rights to the jeep after the war.

jason cravette 6 hours ago
+Luke Obenhaus No you can’t tell by just looking at the grille if it’s a Willys or a Ford because Willys also adopted the 9 slot grilles for the MB, their version of the WW2 jeep. They started using the 7 slot grille with the models built after the war.
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Gone to the Snow Dogs 1 day ago
I want a full-length version of this song! Jeep make it happen! #4x4ever #JeepLife #JeepGirl #Jeep
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Gone to the Snow Dogs 8 hours ago
+Belen Garcia Aww Thanks!

Gone to the Snow Dogs 8 hours ago
+Ben Duvall That’s not it. They said it was by Morgan Dorr
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FLMopar17 1 day ago
Having the Wagoneer in the background was a good teaser…. well played Jeep.
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Zachary Vermilion 7 hours ago
+MrEdwin57 I think he meant at 0:41

FLMopar17 7 hours ago
+Zachary Vermilion I did mean at 0:41, thank you.

Victor Alfonso 1 day ago
Take me to the top of the comments
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Sean Baker 7 hours ago
+Victor Alfonso was that a joe versus the volcano reference

Victor Alfonso 3 hours ago
+Sean Baker no. I just want to be part of the top comments section one day.

Ryukachoo 3 hours ago (edited)
0:50 is that a jeep wave for anything later than a TJ? nobody does that.

really wish the wrangler wasn’t a fat mall crawler now.
i mean, keep the boring to the rest of the lineup, the wrangler is the wrangler, it’s only purpose is offroading

PositronicReflex 2 hours ago
Yeah I have a 2001 sport and sometimes try the wave on the newer models. Very rarely I get one back, usually a soccer mom driving lol

Vexzeal Tethious 3 hours ago
commercial ends, presses the replay button
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kaizen 1 day ago
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kaizen 1 day ago
+Noah J yes!

Noah J 1 day ago
+kaizen are ur competitions this weekend too?

mason methot 1 day ago
:50 Yes, the jeep wave 😀 😀 :D
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madsue11 16 hours ago
+mason methot my favorite part too!!
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slappydj 1 day ago
Citizen Cope called, he wants his sound back.
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Joe Gentry 11 hours ago
+slappydj I thought the exact same thing. Great commercial but completely ripped off Citizen Cope.

Matt Friedman 1 day ago
It sounds like citizen cope
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cherrywood2000 1 day ago
+Matt Friedman That’s it! I heard it and was like “where have I heard that before??”
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Tselel 22 hours ago
Jeep was hitting it with the commercials this year from two angles. Both were honest yet powerful in completely different ways. Nice.
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Joshua Forter 8 hours ago
So stupid they don’t have a full version of this song available already. What a fail. They should have struck while the iron was searing hot.
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Stephon VonHunter 2 hours ago
The more I see this, the better it gets.

ONEXONE 3 hours ago
the song is soo gooooood, and the commercial is too. i want a jeep wrangler so badly..

Dirtysandwich 1 day ago
I’m literally just seeing this
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Afflicted Nation 1 day ago
+Dirtysandwich same

Rose Kahn 11 hours ago
Need to release an EP of the song. It’s so good!

Alejandro Sanchez 2 hours ago
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I need a full version

JoeCnNd 1 day ago (edited)
Citizen cope Bullet and a target. Is what it’s based off.

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