The Toyota Previa Is the Weirdest Minivan Ever

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Added by February 12, 2019

I recently drove a 1997 Toyota Previa, which is a minivan that's not like other minivans. This is because it's a mid-engine, supercharged, all-wheel drive minivan. It's a minivan that thinks it's a sports car. Except it's shaped like an egg. Basically, it's the weirdest minivan ever made. Let's start here: The Previa was Toyota's minivan before the Sienna, and it was sold in the United States from 1991 to 1997. Originally, it was offered with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission (and the aforementioned mid-engine configuration), but later models added all-wheel drive, an automatic and a supercharger for a little more power. I drove a 1997 model, from the final year, with all of those things — even the nice, big supercharger. Gotta love that minivan supercharger whine. Automotive

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