How to Record Your PC Screen for Free (in HD)

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Added by February 17, 2016

Need to record your computer screen for a video or presentation, but don’t want to pay for expensive programs? Here’s a complete tutorial for a free recording program! You’ll see exactly where to find it, and get a full demonstration to see just how it works!

There are several reasons why you might want to use screen capture software to make HD, professional quality videos. It’s incredibly useful for any sort of how-to-videos involving your PC, makes presentations easy to follow, and gives added credibility to reviews. A well-made video is perfect for the visual learner, and you can give demonstrations with total ease!

It’s so easy to get this free program! All you have to do is search for “microsoft encoder 4”, and it should take you to a page from the Microsoft download center. Download the program, find it in the start menu, and just click the red dot to start recording! Make any changes to your screen, and press the red button again; the video will start from there. For voiceovers, just click the microphone button! You’ll see in this tutorial exactly how to record, stop, save, and play back your video. Then, you can open the second program in your download to edit your video – it’s just that easy! The possibilities are endless with video recording, so go achieve something awesome!

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