How to lose stubborn belly fat

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Added by December 22, 2018

HOW TO LOSE STUBBORN BELLY FAT This has to be the most frequently asked question in fitness & to be honest most people are just going about it backwards. Concentrating on sit up's to get you a 6 pack or a flat belly is just crazy as they burn very little calories and ultimately you have to use that layer of fat (energy) around your tummy to get leaner. This means doing exercises that burn more calories and build more muscle than just using flexion and extension of the spine as in the case of sit up's. So why not make your life easy and build a more reliable and better performing body while getting a flatter tummy or a 6 pack. Concentrating on your back chain muscles which are normally neglected and left weak or tight will help you. These are some of the most important muscles in your body in terms of performance, it also just so happens that you can burn a lot of calories when you use these muscles. Mostly because they work around extension of the hip joint which means you will be using large or explosive moves for the most part. Things like box jumps, dead lifts, olympic lifts, sprinting, kettle bell swings. So try incorporating bigger compound lifts into your routine & stop neglecting your back chain if you are already.


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