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How To Make Residual Income Online – Power Lead System 2018 – $5000 A MONTH PASSIVE INCOME PLAN

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*** GOLD Members get in our team marketing group with live strategy meetings every Sunday night

***** DIAMOND members get all the above plus added to my coaching group where I continuously add multiple training

Get leads online for your business! If you are looking for the best home based business income opportunities 2018, take the time to watch this entire video because it can change your life and take away all that financial stress and worry!! Is it really possible to make $5000 a month online with passive income streams? YES, it’s more than possible. I have proven that yes, you can make legit money online fast in 2018.

There are many top ways to work from home making legit money online and extra income with best home based business income streams. The best way to gain financial and time freedom is by getting successful with affiliate marketing for beginners.

This is a long video but if you are serious about reach a goal of making $5000 a month working online from home then you need to watch this video and take action. This business is called the Power Lead System. What is the Power Lead System compensation plan?

I’ve had most of my success with one-time instant payments, one and done with no residual income.

Not anymore. With PLS Power Lead System you EARN OFF YOUR TEAM’S EARNINGS ! Now do you see the power in this… that is called leverage.

Here is a write up of the Power Lead System compensation plan/comp plan :
===== Lead Lightening (Silver) $6 per referral
===== Gold Members : $50 per month, $20 residual for all ‘odd’ numbers. Once you’ve rolled up 5 Golds, every 5th sale thereafter rolls up (sales 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. roll up) with 50% MATCHING BONUS on YOUR TEAM’S Gold referrals… EVEN on Pass Ups!!!
===== Diamond Members: $147 one time , $100 commissions for all of your ‘odds ‘Diamond’ sales. Once you’ve rolled up 5 Diamonds, every 5th sale thereafter rolls up. (sales 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. roll up) with a 25% MATCHING BONUS on all your TEAM’S DIAMOND REFERRALS (pass-ups included!)
===== Platinum Members: $497 one time. $400 commissions. NO pass-ups, no roll ups!! Platinum members receive $50 OVERRIDES on ALL their team’s Platinum!!

Alright, guys… do you see the potential? I know what people were saying when people kept telling me to jump in PLS asap!!

ALSO… let’s say you bring on a Gold member. Let’s say they choose to not go Diamond immediately. Let’s say THEY refer on a Diamond.

—— Guess where that Diamond goes?? it goes to the NEXT diamond member in the payline, which is YOU!! You will get Diamonds/Platinums from people you never heard of, random people :0

—— And guess what??? When any of your non-upgraded people LOSE a commission, PLS will send them an email letting them know and URGING them to upgrade so they don’t keep losing!! Done for you selling and telling.

—- So what do you think happens? Yep… many people will upgrade once they start getting those emails.
Going Platinum was the best decision I made last year. It has paid for itself many times over by now.

Okay, guys, I think you can see that the sky is the limit with this, and you are generously rewarded with a compensation plan like this. You will get our marketing team, share codes to get plugged in asap, auto-emails sent for free, and all the sources that are working for us both free and paid.

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