How Flexible Machines Could Save The World

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Added by March 13, 2019

Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It’s really effective, easy to use, and the price is great. Check out SimpliSafe here:

I visited the Compliant Mechanisms Research group at Brigham Young University and spoke to Professor Larry Howell:

At the above link, you can download 3D-print files to make some of the objects in the video, plus learn more about compliant mechanisms.

What I learned about compliant mechanisms I summarize in the 8 P’s of compliant mechanisms:

1. Part count (reduced by having flexible parts instead of springs, hinges)
2. Productions processes (many, new, different enabled by compliant designs)
3. Price (reduced by fewer parts and different production processes)
4. Precise Motion (no backlash, less wear, friction)
5. Performance (no outgassing, doesn’t require lubricant)
6. Proportions (reduced through different production processes)
7. Portability (lightweight due to simpler, reduced part count designs)
8. Predictability (devices are reliable over a long period of time)

Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd

Animation by Alan Chamberlain

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