FREE to join : Get Paid For Performing Simple Online Tasks by Click Intensity

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Added by February 18, 2016

Your Chance To Participate In Trillion $$ Online Advertising Niche !

FREE to join: Get Paid For Performing Simple Online Tasks.
Tell your contacts now before others do.
Get an affiliate link in 10 seconds.

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We are in PreLaunch right now and over the next few days and weeks thousands of people from all around the world will be joining Click Intensity.

The purpose of Click Intensity is simple and anyone can join for FREE!
To help you make more money online by doing simple tasks.
To help you get high quality targetted traffic to your website.
To help you build a massive team of people across the globe to doing the same two things and generate massive commissions.
Every 24 hours you are required to do some of the following tasks:

Click a few ads
Share posts on Facebook
Downloading apps on mobile
Playing mobile games
Watching videos online
Once you complete the task you are paid every 30 minutes for 24 hours based on the share revenues. You get paid to do the things you do daily, all of the above and more!

Click the banner at the top or at the right side of this page to register

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