Game Theory Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK to Pokemon Evolution

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Added by December 2, 2018

Will you accept my challenge? â–º â–º â–º Get your NEW Holiday Theory Wear! â–º SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! â–º We've done it! We have FINALLY found the answer to what Pokemon Evolution REALLY is! You see, we've all been overlooking the key piece to the puzzle, the lynchpin to the whole problem – EEVEE! This cute little furball is the answer to everything! Today Loyal Theorists, we PROVE Pokemon do not evolve! Don't forget to snuggle up in our new hood-tastic holiday Theory Wear! â–º Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound. Get Your 30 Day Free Trial â–º SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! â–º Hang out with us on GTLive! ►► More THEORIES: How RICH is a Pokemon Master? â–º The END of Princess Peach! â–º Pokemon Are Going EXTINCT! ►► Mario Kart 8, Mario's SCARIEST Game? â–º The TERRIFYING TRUTH of Fire Pokemon â–º Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► The SCIENCE! ►► #Pokemon #LetsGoPikachu #LetsGoEevee #PokemonEvolution #Pikachu #Eevee #GameTheory #Matpat #ARG

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