GAME MASTER CHALLENGE GIANT SIZE POOL GAME In Real Life Escape Room 24 Hour Challenge 3am Riddles

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Added by December 9, 2018

â–¶ Get our DECODER WHEEL â–¶ Watch Chad – â–¶ Watch Daniel – After Chad Wild Clay made FOUND GAME MASTER SECRET HIDEOUT & Searching PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Clues (Escape Room Challenge), Vy Qwaint, created ESCAPING PROJECT ZORGO COMPUTER ESCAPE ROOM (Searching Missing Daniel & Game Master Evidence), and Daniel uploaded the video FOUND PROJECT ZORGO MYSTERIOUS MASK (Trapped In Abandoned Escape Room with Riddles in real life), CWC and Vy bait Project Zorgo with traps around the safe house so Project Zorgo cannot go in. Vy sets up a magnetic force field with spy gadgets that can zap anyone that walks through it as long as they are wearing an apple watch. In order to get the apple watch onto the hacker, Chad and Vy try trapping Project Zorgo on a top secret ebay mystery scavenger hunt with clues, riddles and a treasure chest. The Project Zorgo member gets zapped and Chad and Vy find evidence on where the Game Master's abandoned computer room is. Project Zorgo infiltrated this secret room and trapped Chad and Vy in a 24 hour escape room at 3am! In order to escape, Chad and Vy must complete PZ's challenge or else their YouTube channels will get deleted. Thankfully, Chad and Vy didn't get their channel's deleted however now they have to battle the Game Master in Florida! In this video, Vy Qwaint makes it to Florida and finds other YouTubers there like Grace and Stephen Sharer, Matt and Rebecca, and Rebecca Zamolo. The game master challenges Vy, Stephen, and Grace to life-size mini games in real life! At the end of the challenge, they find secret information in a locked briefcase that was left by the GM. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018! Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Rebecca Zamolo – FOUND Underwater Hidden Code after Escaping GAME MASTER Clue Room w/ Chad Wild Clay & Stephen Sharer Stephen Sharer – FOUND REBECCA ZAMOLO in GAME MASTER SECRET HIDEOUT with ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE CLUES!! Matt and Rebecca – Found Hidden Room in GAME MASTER Top Secret ESCAPE ROOM Mansion! (Mysterious Clues in Real Life) Lizzy Sharer – MY BOYFRIEND CUT MY HAIR OFF WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!! (SO MAD…) Lucas and Marcus – I SAID YES TO EVERYTHING MY TWIN BROTHER SAID FOR 24 HOURS! â—‰ SUBSCRIBE: â—‰ Instagram: â—‰ Twitter: â—‰ Facebook: Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

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