F-15C Grim-Reapers Low-Level Flying at the Mach-Loop

F-15C “Grim Reapers”, 493rd TFS 48th TFW, RAF Lakenheath in the LFA7 Low level training area in Wales near Dolgellau F-15C????????
The 493d FS is a combat-ready F-15 Eagle squadron capable of executing air superiority and air defense missions in support of United States Air Forces in Europe, United States European Command, and NATO operations. It employs air-to-air weapons and electronic identification systems. The squadron has the ability to rapidly generate, deploy, and sustain operations to execute wartime and peacetime taskings in any theater of operations in the world.[2] Furthermore, the 493d is routinely tasked to deploy in support of Air Force One referred to as “POTUS taskings.” Recent instances include the most recent G-8 summits and the 2008 NATO Summit.

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