Enter the Nautilus and Return of Ancho-V Games! Splatoon 2 Livestream with Subspaceking

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Added by August 5, 2018

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Want to use the weapon randomizer to? Use this: http://nkitten.net/splatoon2/random/

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What is up guys? This is Subspaceking bringing you another livestream, today we will be streaming Splatoon 2. Today we are playing Splatoon 2, a third persons hooter were creatures known as inklings and octolings duke it out by covering the battlefield with in to reign supreme. Today’s stream will conver the latest monthly update. The launch of 4 new weapons; including two totally new ones: The Nautilus 47 and the Bloblobber; the other two being the Custom Hydra Splatling and the Light Tetra Dualies. We also see the return of fan-favorite map from Splatoon 1, Ancho-V games. Come on in and join us for loads of fun as we climb to 1,000 Subscribers! I may sometimes play a different game for a special event. But yeah, hope you enjoyed the stream and smash that like and subscribe button for more content.

Special Thanks to my monthly donors:

Stream Schedule:
Every Friday at 5:00/ 7:00 pm EST
occasional Saturdays/ Sundays at 12:00 noon EST

Rules of the stream and chat:
1. Avoid profane language and Cyberbullying, me and my mods will take action if you use profane language or bully somebody (including the Stream owner) in the chat.
2. Don’t spam, who likes a spammer?
3. Stay on topic, Please keep the chat discussion towards the game that is being streamed or whatever Subspace is discussing (you can go off track for a VERY short bit, to like ask me a question).
4. Don’t Advertise or Self-Promote, You can recommend me or other viewers your channel or anyone else’s channel (But advertising yourself here is not accepted, earn your Subs and followers by working for them like I am), also please don’t advertise your own lobbies (you can make a room for reject players that can’t make the lobbies if you choose) for the game I am playing during the stream.
5. Give everyone a chance, If in the event there are several viewers in the stream that want to participate in the matches, please be courteous and give others a chance to play in my games with me.
6. have fun. Why talk in the chat if you’re not having a fun time?

If me or any of my mods catch you not following these guidelines, we will take appropriate actions (through warnings, time outs, and even bans) to ensure the chat is a fun, safe place for everyone.

Overlay art credit goes to Esclick

No copyright Intended!

All of my gaming content is recorded using an Elgato HD60, and Streamed using OBS

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