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Last week Tuesday was the official start date for my online challenge. What the heck have I done since then?

In what will seems to be a very sedate week as for as progress, I actually managed to get a lot done but before I share the specifics with you, I would like to make one important comment.

Sometimes it feels like you are not getting anywhere in your business because you have no tangible results to show, but key to proving otherwise is to simply track your achievements each and every week. By doing this, you will be amazed how far you have really progressed.

Practice this – document your goals for the week and take stock 7 days later. Check what you were able to tick off and what is still outstanding. You will also notice how much extra tasks you completed that you were not aware of at the beginning of the week.

This will keep you focused and driven.

Here is what I managed to get done in the past 6 days;

Find a new business (Earn Easy Commissions) to join and promote
Define a quick launch strategy for the new business
Create a VIP Masterclass invite video (can be used as a webinar too)
Set up my automated system
Add a 13 day email sequence into my Auto-responder

And totally unrelated – I managed to take a mini vacation for 3 days with the family and compete in a marathon (42.2kms).

Right now to wrap up the week, I still need to do an explainer video on the above tasks, the details behind each one and my reasons for doing it. This is what the challenge is all about, to give you the inside scoop on how I do things.

I will reveal the biz opp (Earn Easy Commissions Review) I chose and how I will use this biz op to increase my monthly revenue and to drive more BuilderAll sales. If you haven’t joined BuilderAll Business yet, feel free to check it out here and join. I will be using BA for most of my marketing efforts which you will see.

The next email will have the video link – please look out for it and let me know what you think.

Last but not least – if anybody is interested in partnering with me, please contact me anyway you can and ask for my VIP Masterclass private video invite link where I reveal all… It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you are serious about business, you don’t want to miss it – It’s limited to 10 people – no BS, no scarcity!

Chat soon and see you at the top,


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