Disney Characters Living In 2018

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Disney Characters Living In 2018
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Here’s How Disney Characters Would Look If They Lived In 2018 (New Pics)
Chilean digital artist Fernanda Suarez continues her visionary series of reimagining Disney princesses as everyday people from the 21st century.

Except this time, Suarez not only added more princesses to the ranks of modern tales, but also included a couple of villains.

The artist thought through even the smallest details, giving her reimagined characters fitting clothes and accessories that are nods to the original tales. Can you pick up on these hidden clues?

And if classical Disney princesses as millennials don’t catch your fancy, how about characters that originally neither wore crowns or even walked on two legs?

Let’s go down the rabbit-hole so you can see for yourself!
source: https://www.instagram.com/fdasuarez/

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